Fully Automatic Self Baggage Drop

The Fully Automatic concept enables the seamless introduction of a dedicated Self Service Platform into any Airport traditional check in infrastructure, whilst preserving the original design footprint and adding some stylish new elements to it. 

MyCheck Self Bag Drop bespoke design allows for Airports and Airlines to brand both the Passenger GUI as well as the Physical Counter. Bespoke Graphical User Interface software development capabilities, coupled with the optional embedded Common Use Web Services or CUSS Platform, allows for the development of a multi-sevice and interoperable platform on which to launch value add services. Ultimately the MyCheck Self Bag Drop design can offer to Airports, Airlines and Passengers an effective and memorable experience as part of their journey.

Hybrid Features and Benefits
  • Unique and memorable passenger experience
  • Flexible branding options for Airport and Airlines
  • Unmatched and proven CCM check in counters design capabilities
  • Bespoke asthetical Counter design to suite your Airport Check-in Area
  • Flexible choice of Materials and Colors
  • One stop shop for Self Service – Concept, Design, Manufacturing, Delivery Integration
  • Seamless yet stylish integration into existing Airport Check in infrastructure
  • No impact on BHS design and software
  • Multiple Equipment Options
  • Modular design – Upgradable
  • Branded Passenger GUI to suite your Airline or Airport design

General Features and benefits
  • Safe and Secure Self Bag Drop solution
  • Ultra low height baggage conveyor, for passengers’ convenience
  • Low height baggage tag scanning portal
  • 3D Vision System for baggage verfication
  • Seamless integration with Airport Baggage Handling System
  • Maximum flexibility (Agent assisted / 1 step / 2 step) in Self Bag Drop Process
  • Smartphone / Tablet base Self Bag Drop Supervision application for floorwalker agents
  • Self Bag Drop Operational Monitoring Dashboard
  • Self Bag Drop hardware supervision integrated with BHS SCADA system