Self Bag Drop

CCM's Self Bag Drop represents more than 40 Years of experience in the Design, Build and Installation of Check-In Counters and Canopies across 100’s of Airports all around the World.

The Hybrid Counter concept enables the seamless replacement and integration of a full fledged Self Service Platform into any Airport traditional check in infrastructure, whilst preserving the original design footprint. Each Hybrid Check-in Counter facilitates the use as a Traditional Check-in Counter as well as a Self Service Machine.

A Check-in Agent can switch between Traditional and Self Service modes with the turn of a Key.

Safety and Security is maintained through advanced Vision Systems for Baggage Verification and Intrusion Prevention as well as a uniquely

Engineered Baggage conveyor which facilitates low height baggage loading.

Features and benefits

  • Hybrid check in desk with harmonized and stylish design
  • No terminal extra space required for Self Bag Drop equipments, we design to fit your Infrastructure
  • Safe and Secure Self Bag Drop solution
  • Ultra low height baggage conveyor, for passengers’ convenience
  • Low height baggage tag scanning portal
  • Baggage Verification
  • Seamless integration with Airport Baggage Handling System
  • Maximum flexibility (Agent assisted / 1 step / 2 step) in Self Bag Drop Process
  • Customer Web Portal for Montioring, Statistics and Reporting
  • Seamless yet stylish integration into existing Airport Check in infrastructure
  • Bespoke Design with Flexible branding options

Types of Self Bag Drop