Internet Kiosks and Stations

CCM Technologies Internet Station and Kiosk is custom designed for each Customer, ensuring that the look, feel and dimension are tuned for your Airport or Lounge. Each Internet Station or Kiosk can be designed with any number of Passenger Positions, dimension and layout. Materials and colors can be chosen from CCM’ standard and exhaustive range and Seating can be provided from Matteograssi 1880 (a member of the CCM Group).

The Solution comprises of a hardened Software application designed to prevent unwarranted Access as well as to provide Passengers with clear list of Websites and Information. Combine with CCM’s on the go Power Sockets including Wireless Phone Charging system and Passengers are able to browse the Web and charge their devices in a comfortable and productive environment.

Features and benefits
  • Multi-Passenger System which can be Branded for your Airport or Lounge
  • Optional: Mobile Phone and Laptop Charging including Wireless Charging
  • Remote monitoring
  • Unique design and Customised Design
  • Safe Browsing technology
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