Leonardo Da Vinci Airport - Rome - T1 and T3


With the general target of Airports to increase Check-in Capacity as well as to provide new and innovative Self Service Capabilities, CCM Airport Interiors has developed a modular and hybrid Check-in as well as other innovative passenger solutions for Airports.

CCM has invested in the development of modular solutions for Airports to facilitate Self Service, these solutions open a new possibility for Passengers to check-in their baggage.

For the new Counter concept, CCM has elaborated on a need to provide a simple and modular solution for Airports to upgrade flexibly between Traditional Check-in, Hybrid Self-Bag Drop, Advertising Services and Passenger Information Services.

First delivered to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 during the 2017 expansion as a traditional check-in counter, where the Counter is capable of rotating open and closed like a door for the Check-in Agent to access behind the Counter. This ability to use the Counter like a door allows CCM to remove the traditional access for the Agent and therefore with the space saved, to the increase the quantity of Check-in positions by 15% over the length of the Check-in Row. This is seen as a major advantage to Airports where additional capacity is needed without the possibility to increase the number of check-in islands.

Following the delivery to Changi in 2017 and the recent delivery to Aeroporti di Roma for the Terminal 1 in Fiumicino.

The collaboration with Aeroporti di Roma enables CCM to provide a new generation of Hybrid Check-in counter, a counter with the vision, simplicity and flexibility to drive a new era for Airports and Passengers.

With new capabilities which enable the fast and efficient changing of the Modules within the Counter, CCM is now able to provide the flexibility for the Customer to decide which counters should be traditional, which counters should be Self-Bag Drop or to display Advertising and Passenger Information.

CCM’s Hybrid Self-Bag Drop Check-in module allows for the seamless integration of a fully automated Self Service Baggage Drop unit into the Hybrid Capable Counter, where the look and feel matches the Airport’s requirement. Each Baggage Drop includes fully automatic baggage tag reading, dimensioning and conveyability checks as well as other important safety and security features.

CCM’s Advertising and Information Module enables the streaming of digital content to the Check-in Counter which can be displayed to the Passenger on every Counter position.