Hamad International Airport - Hybrid Self Bag Drop

From Bergamo to Doha passing through the world’s greatest international airports, with no intention to stop. These few words could synthesize the thirty seven-year experience of the CCM Group, an Italian company devoted to design, production and installation of products and systems for airport interiors.


Born in 1981 as a Family Company, CCM soon stands out for the quality of the materials and its attention to product innovation. Having delivered the “first of its kind” modular Check-in Counter for Milan Linate in the early 80’s, CCM has now successfully delivered more than 360 Airport’s projects all over the world, each one of which composed of a wide range of bespoke products.

The very same company was chosen to deliver fourteen Hybrid Self Bag Drop to Qatar’s five-star Hamad International Airport, where the requirement was that of providing a world-class Fully Automatic Self-Service Bag Drop matching the look, feel and dimensions of the existing Check-In infrastructure whilst improving the Passenger Experience. In line with the airport’s core objective of empowering the passenger through increased autonomy and convenience, the addition of Hybrid Self Bag Drop would enable the Passenger to ‘take control’ of their baggage drop activities.


CCM’s answer to the leading hub’s requirements is the Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop.


CCM’s Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop is a flexible solution where the design is entirely bespoke and made for purpose. All aspects of the design are unique including the counter, conveyor, automated sensors and software solutions to ensure that the maximum quality, performance and flexibility is delivered to the award-winning Airport.


CCM’s White Label Common Use Self-Service Bag Drop application, by adopting IATA Common Use Web Services technology, enables the integration with multiple Airlines as well as providing an unparalleled level of configuration, monitoring and statistics reporting.


The Hybrid Check-in Counter concept developed from CCM allows for the seamless integration of a fully automated Self-Service Bag Drop equipment into a designed for purpose traditional check-in counter and check-in environment.

The Hybrid Counter designed for Hamad International Airport’s iconic terminal is truly unique and quite extraordinary, providing the expected Self Service features as well as provisions for future upgrades. CCM was able to deploy the hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop with an appearance matching the contemporary and sleek design concept provided by Architects HOK for the existing Economy Check-in Area, including the incorporation of the back illuminated Onyx Stone.

When operating in self-service mode, the Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop guides the Passenger through the process in the simplest and safest way, while automatically validating the Baggage Tag as well as the convey ability of the Bag.

When operating in Agent Assisted Check-in mode, each hybrid check-in counter is used as a traditional check-in position, where the typical existing CUPPS equipment are operated by a Check-in Agent.

The ability to switch effortlessly and seamlessly, in just 1 second, between Self Service and Traditional Check-in operations, via the turn of a key is what provides the unmatched level of flexibility in the check-in infrastructure that both Airports and Airlines are seeking, delivering on Hamad International Airport’s ‘seamless and hassle-free’ promise.

Needless to say that the hybrid check-in counter’s design is the result of more than 37 years of experience in the design and manufacture of check-in Counters installed in hundreds of Airports all over the world, offering the high standard and expertise the world-class airport requires.  

Hamad International Airport and CCM have been jointly designing an innovative passenger experience in line with the Smart Airport paradigm, placing Hamad International Airport on the forefront of cutting-edge technology and smart solutions after just having completed its first major phase of its Smart Airport Program.

Each Hybrid Self-Service Bag Drop is integrated with the Beumer Baggage Handling System, providing a solution where each unit is independent from the others. Coupled with the possibility to issue Baggage Messages either from the White Label application or from the Airline’s DCS, this design provides the highest level of resiliency of the self-service bag drop infrastructure.

The integration with Amadeus Altea DCS, through the CCM’s Airline Management System, supports Qatar Airways in providing the “Two Step” Self-Service Bag Drop process, where Passengers begin their journey at the SITA Check-in CUSS kiosk, printing their Baggage Tags and Boarding Passes.

Moving onwards in the Self-Service Process, the Passenger can use Hamad International Airport’s truly innovative approach to visa validation, which includes a mobile Automated Visa Document Check. The first of its kind in any major airport worldwide, the Automated Visa Document Check enables ground services agents to check a passenger’s visa documentation before continuing their journey.

With the airport’s strategic investment in CCM’s Hybrid Self Bag Drop, the Passenger can drop their baggage efficiently and quickly, processing one bag in less than 50 seconds and two bags in less than 85 seconds, thanks to CCM’s Baggage buffering solution.

Collecting the Baggage Receipt allows the Passenger to move onwards through the Airport Emigration Procedure.

It is the simplicity of design as well as the integration of new technologies into a high-quality product which leads to new ideas, increasing Passenger comfort and usability features. Where Hybrid Self Bag Drop is the ultimate answer to the need for flexibility without compromise, CCM now has a foothold in Hamad International Airport’s vision of becoming the ‘airport of the future’, contributing to the hub’s user-centric approach and industry-leading solutions that are redefining the airport experience.